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Alter do Chão

Discover the beauty of Alter do Chão navigating the Tapajos river, a tributary of the Amazon River, considered the most beautiful of the northern region. Its crystal waters are intensely blue that resembles the sea. The travel experience is complete with landscapes of forests, snorkeling with dolphins around and contact with the culture and culinary communities.


The experience at Fazenda Barra Mansa, one of the most privileged places in the Pantanal, a roadmap to experience the local way of life. The farm is situated on the banks of the Rio Negro, where access to the region, one of the most beautiful and secluded in the Pantanal, is done only by plane.
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The world largest fresh water forest reserve still hold secrets to be revealed. Due to the relatively complicates access to it, its tracks, waterfalls and creeks have not been explored much yet. Monkeys, sloths, river dolphins, and birds can be seen during the nights in the jungle or from the river. The communities, with their genuine cultural manifestations gives a human touch to a region where Nature still reigns.

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Chapada dos Veadeiros

I must say with no doubt that this was one of the best trip I´ve ever don in my entire life!
19 - Traveler's Testimony.
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Denise Santiago's Tips

The entrepreneur Denise Santiago, director of Cia Eco, is well known in the tourism field by her dynamism and innovative vision. She decided to open her own travel agency in 1999. Back then she realized the importance of ecotourism for a growing public with increased environmental awareness, desire to explore natural environments and recognition of the importance of engaging in healthy activities. The understanding of the characteristics of this new sector of the tourism industry, allied with a highly professional service and friendliness have made Cia Eco one of the most respected companies of this field in Brazil.

Denise targeted clients who wanted to experience nature with safety and comfort and not only those who aimed adventure no matter in which conditions. And for this segment, Denise established Cia Eco, formerly called Companhia Nacional de Ecoturismo.

In the past years, ecological tourism in Brazil grew in importance, getting more professional and diversified options, reaching sports lovers, adventurous tourists and the more sophisticated ones. Along with it also grew the importance given to safety, and on 2004 ABETA (Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Companies) was founded, having Cia Eco as one of its members.

Cia Eco was prepared for this scenery and could go beyond the basics. It offered packages that combined quality with safety, and also gave a special attention for each and every client. According to Denise, knowing the expectations and the preferences of the clients increases the chances of satisfaction and return. Cia Eco´s consultancy team is trained to care for each detail of the costumer's travel, provide all information he may need and explain how the services will be provided, making sure the client feels safe.

Cia Eco is today considered a reference in Brazil for ecotourism businessmen and for clients.